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Pastel Tropical PVC rug 120X84 CM

Pastel Tropical PVC rug 120X84 CM

So stylish and trendy area rug for you kitchen floor or any other room. 
Modern and fun design, perfect for any space. Will upgrade any room! 

MADE TO ORDER! Will take about 7 business days to be ready to ship.

This rug is made from a quality PVC, Pleasant to touch, Easy clean- just wipe it with water and that's it!
It fits every surface and sticks to the floor and doesn’t fold.

Size: 120x84 cm
33 x 47.2 inches / approx 4' x 2.7'
Thickness: 3 mm

DELIVERY: Safe arrival guaranteed. Due to this rug's size and weight I'll ship it with EMS- "Express Shipping" that will take up to 1 week. It provides full online tracking every step of the way & delivery at your doorstep.

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